Update on the Feral Cat Shelter & Recovery Space

Much gratitude to each of you who have contributed to this project, and to all who care about the well being of these animals often ignored animals. Here is a brief update on the family we took in (and a new addition), the status of the project, and a little bit more about what we are working to create.

First, the mom and her babies are doing really well. They all did get sick a few weeks ago, but they pulled through, largely thanks to the indispensable assistance and guidance from our friends at RiverSong Sanctuary. They’ve been moved them into a bigger space, and the babies are set up with a separate playpen where they can goof around with some of the grown up cats. They also get taken on field trips around the land where they get to be out on the grass and roll around in the sunshine. And meet even more of the grown up cats.

The mom is gradually becoming more trusting and curious. I can even touch my finger to her nose and pet here a little bit through the cage. It’s a beautiful experience, this transformation. I like to think that as she observes how her babies are with us, as well as the other cats in the enclosure, she is learning that we can be trusted.

About the new addition…

I was working on this update, off and on in between all of the care, and doing my best to make the overall case that this work is valuable and deserves to be supported. And then two nights ago I got a call about another little guy who is basically making that case all by himself. Another little kitten was found at the same apartment complex where this family came from, sick and mangy and in need of immediate help. I immediately went to get him, brought him straight to RiverSong for assessment and care, and brought him home where I will continue to care for him and help him recover. We think he has a great chance!

But there are many more, both at the apartment complex where these ones came from and beyond. We’re incredibly motivated to make helping feral cats a central part of our work, but really need to improve our infrastructure in order to do it effectively.

The fundraiser is still ongoing, we are well short of the goal, and so we will continue to humbly ask on behalf of those we are trying to help. Thank you again to all who have helped and offered encouragement.

And thank you for caring about the most vulnerable among us.

If you’d prefer to donate not using the FB platform, donation info is here:https://gentleheartanimaladvocacy.org/donate/

– Chris

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