Feral cats colonies & spaying/neutering dogs & cats

Available statistics vary, but as many as 3 million (and perhaps more) dogs and cats are euthanized in the US each year. Another way to visualize such a staggering number is that one animal is euthanized by a shelter in the US every 10 seconds, simply because there are not enough homes or available space. And very likely at least twice or three times that number are destined to live out their lives in shelters, confined in small cages with only the most basic physical care. Shelters do important and necessary work, but they are not places that animals should have to live for any significant length of time.

It’s also been estimated that there are as many as 70 million feral cats in the US. While it is possible for untamed cats to have high quality lives, the vast majority live short and harsh lives with insufficient nutrition and no access to medical attention. And their impact on wildlife can be severe.

So with the goal of preventing both overall and individual suffering we are doing our best to reduce cat and dog overpopulation. We will help in the spaying or neutering of cats and dogs for anyone who has trouble affording the costs or just needs help navigating the system. We also work with feral cat colonies, using a kind and humane approach of trapping, spaying/neutering, caring for them while they recover, and then either releasing them back to their home if possible, or if not, finding them the best home we can.

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