A plea for small but regular support

We’re coming to you, friends and animal allies, to make a plea for small but regular financial support, so that we can continue to be a lifeline for at-risk cats.

Everett, recovering from a complicated surgery at the hospital.

Below is a brief summary of what we do, who we help, and why we believe they deserve it.

We currently feed and care for 36 cats at our sanctuary. There is a need for us to take in more but we need to ensure that we can properly feed, care for and meet the physical, emotional and social well-being needs of everyone we take in.

They come to us in myriad ways. We assess their options and when we appear to be the best option we take them in. Some are long term fosters who can, for various reasons, no longer stay with their human families. Others are in true peril, either immediate or clearly inevitable. Abandoned, neglected, born wild – there are many causes of animal homelessness, most of which involve some form of human neglect or cruelty. Our mission is to provide sanctuary for as many as possible, and to work in the local community and with other sanctuaries to help address animal homelessness on all fronts.

Lucky and Charms, recovering from surgery

Naturally, we spay or neuter any cat who is fertile. We also work in the community and with other rescue groups to help spay and neuter as many cats as possible, whether they are homeless or belong to families of limited means. This is central to our mission.

And of course it costs money. The most significant and predictable expenses are food and basic care for the cats we’ve taken in. Monthly costs for our current population are at least $600 for food and $400 for medicines, basic supplies and standard veterinary care. We are fortunate and grateful to be receiving $440 each month from our supporters. It is both humbling and encouraging to have such kind people believing in this work but the shortfall is not sustainable. We are hoping there are more of you out there who’d like to help support our mission.

Princess, one of our long term fosters.

It’s always been central to our vision that this work can be supported by many caring people without being too large of a burden for anyone. That’s why I’m asking for small but monthly recurring donations. Whatever you can give comfortably will truly make an impact on these beautiful and innocent creatures’ well being.

Donation info is here: Donate

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share. And thank you most of all for caring.


Fumaca, the grey kitten on top of the pile, was an orphan found in the woods. Way too young to be on his own. Presumably he had siblings who didn’t survive. We are so grateful that he has a new family here.

One of our successful TNR friends

Everett & family upon arrival

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