Urgent Call for Feral Colony Support

Greetings Animal Allies,

More assistance is needed in order to rescue, spay/neuter, re-home, and to save the lives of several families of feral cats! All the colonies include kittens, some who still have their mothers and some who sadly do not and require bottle feeding and extra care.

RiverSong Sanctuary is immersed in the process of trapping, spaying/neutering, recovering, and re-homing cats from several of the colonies. For more information on this effort click here. It is for these specific projects that I am coming to you for help, that we all might lighten their load and help make these rescue efforts successful.

Spay/neuter services alone cost $40-$80. Some of the cats will need additional medical care. All will need food and supplies. At this time, we do not yet have an accurate count of the combined colonies, though RiverSong Sanctuary is currently working with at least a dozen from the first colony and has estimated there to be several dozen from other colonies which they will be helping.

Donation info as well as a little bit more info on RiverSong Sanctuary can be found here: https://gentleheartanimaladvocacy.org/riversong

There is a PayPal link where you can either make a onetime contribution or sign up for recurring monthly contributions. Anything and everything helps immensely, and also serves as an emotional boost and vote of confidence, which can go a long way when you are sleep deprived and trying to trap cats or nurse orphan kittens in the middle of the night.

We believe that this work is critical for several reasons with the most immediate being the safety, health and well being of the individual animals. While a well cared for group of feral cats (spayed/neutered, given food, water and shelter and some form of medical attention) can live healthy and happy lives, we are usually only called when they are in rugged circumstances or facing a horrible fate.

In the larger picture, getting a handle on these feral cat colonies will reduce future suffering, reduce impact on wildlife, reduce the overpopulation that is currently overwhelming shelters and sanctuaries, and reduce the reliance on factory style animal slaughterhouses. Cat overpopulation has many far-reaching consequences and anywhere we can make an impact we will work to do so.

We have been successful in securing short, medium, and long-term homes for some of them. More homes are still needed, as are materials, but the point has been reached where monetary contributions are desperately needed. In many cases the only alternative to rescue would be to let them starve, be euthanized, or leave them to languish. Any of the rugged survivors would continue to breed and continue the cycle. RiverSong Sanctuary is ensuring that none of these things happen. They really need your support to be to ensure positive outcomes.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, for caring, and for any help you are able to provide.

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