Much love and appreciation from me and Tucker!

To all who helped and to all who care,
Sorry, this update is long overdue. We’ve had a bunch of emergencies and other urgent matters…
We are so grateful, humbled and inspired to have received so much support from our local and extended communities. Tucker’s fundraiser met it’s goal, just in time for his appointment on Thursday the 5th.
He has recovered so well! They removed all but his two healthy teeth, but it was quickly apparent that he not only felt much better and was happier and more comfortable, he also has a MUCH easier time eating. It’s such a comfort to know that if he leaves some food on his plate it’s because he’s gotten his fill, rather than because of pain, discomfort or frustration. He’s been spending more time outside, playing and rolling around and climbing trees, which he wasn’t up for before. It took him a little while to adjust… it’s gotta be weird to suddenly not have most of your teeth! But overall he seems much more like himself in every way. He even manages to eat dry food, which he still craves even with his mostly meat and canned food diet.
So this is to thank all who helped and who cared. It’s really encouraging to know that there are enough of you out there are moved to help a single animal in need. Who believe that they are worth helping. That they matter as individuals. Especially those on the fringes. That they deserve the same care and attention that the more fortunate get. I can’t quite express how heartwarming it is to have had this be such a success.
More fundraisers are in the works… there are many animals in need. Especially the newborn kittens over at RiverSong Sanctuary. Please keep an eye out for those. For now, though, enjoy this video of Tucker feeling good:
Turn up the sound to hear him whistle!
In gratitude,

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