Urgent Feral Colony Support

What is Happening?

We have been made aware of several feral cat colonies that are requiring immediate intervention and relocation; without which they would be facing certain death and/or prolonged suffering . We are working to trap, spay/neuter, provide emergency medical care, and relocate as many as we are able but to ensure a positive outcome for all asking the community for assistance.

Who is Helping?

RiverSong Sanctuary (RSS) is leading the rescue project and has currently been successful in capturing and relocating over a dozen of the cats. Gentle Heart Animal Advocacy (GHAA) is managing the funding and helping with some of the coordination for the project. Several community members are volunteering their time to assist in the rescue efforts as well. We cannot achieve success without the support of our community and we are grateful for the assistance.

What Are the Primary Needs?
  • Cat Food (canned or dry food any variety)
  • Goat milk (this is a top priority! Having a reliable and consistent source saves lives, especially since not all of the babies take well to formula.)
  • Kitten milk replacer (cans or powder)
  • Monetary (tax deductible) donations to help with necessary medical care (including spay/neuter services) and to assist with building materials for enclosures.
  • Solid impenetrable enclosures with a roof – feral cats are great at escaping, or the materials needed to construct such enclosures. Especially helpful are chain link dog kennels or something similar.
  • Space on your land for an enclosure for at least three weeks. If you are in or near Williams, GHAA, RSS, and/or a community volunteer will come by twice a day to manage the care of the cats while they are on your land.
  • Use of a room, shed with ventilation, or a building structure (for at least three weeks) on your land that can be converted into a safe space. We will help with the retrofit and assure no physical change will be made to your property.
  • Your physical ability and skill set – If you are handy with tools and have a few hours to spare, we could sure use you.
What Can You Do?

Monetary donations are always encouraged as it allows us to manage the most urgent needs of the colony – medical care and food.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the cats of the colony.

How to donate

If you are not able to provide a monetary donation but can provide your time and vehicle, we could use your help for the following:

  • Enclosure Check Ins – this is at least a one-week commitment and requires you to visit a designated enclosure (either on your property or another community member’s property) twice a day. You will provide food and water, take count of the cats in your designated enclosure, assure the enclosure litter box is cleaned daily, and report any health concerns to your coordinator.
  • Transportation Assistance – this is on an on-call basis and requires you and your vehicle to be available at different set times throughout the day. Calls for transportation may include taking injured cats to veterinarians, transporting captured cats to their new enclosure space, and may also include shuttling volunteers to various sites.
  • Enclosure set up and/or fortification – we may need some help assembling panels and enclosures, or shoring up existing rooms or enclosures. If you are good with light construction and problem solving we could use your help.
  • Fostering a family of cats – this would require a commitment of several weeks as you would be taking in a mother and her babies. They will need a safe in-door space where the mother can care for her kittens with minimal disruption. You would also be responsible for providing daily updates to your coordinator on the health of your cat family, and if any assistance or extra care was needed (such as bottle feeding) they would assist or consult.
How to Contact?

You can contact either GHAA or RSS. Let us know what you are able to assist with and what your availability is.

Gentle Heart Animal Advocacy –
Email: gentle.heart.animal.advocacy@gmail.com
Cell phone/text: 541-450-1669 (best for general messages, but may not be heard immediately due to poor reception.)
Alternate/emergency cell/text: 760-383-1308 (Google voice #. Use this for emergencies or if you haven’t received a response from the main number.)

RiverSong Sanctuary –
Email: riversongsanctuary@gmx.com
Phone: 541.761.0188