Help with Loose and Lost Dogs

We’re beginning a pilot program that will seek to address the problem of loose, lost and missing dogs in Williams and the surrounding area. Our belief is that most people really do want to keep their dogs safe and secure, and our hope is that with a little help they will be able to.

If you need help with materials, design ideas, labor or problem solving please get in touch. We’ll do our best to help find a solution. If you need materials we will try to help identify them and track down donated or low cost options. If you need design solutions we will try to help you brainstorm and troubleshoot. If you need some help with the actual building or assembly we will try to find that for you. If you have other issues which are preventing you from keeping your dogs safely and comfortably enclosed we will do our best to help you problem solve.

If you need any kind of help, please get in touch. We will try.

If you want to help, please let us know what you can offer. Maybe it’s some extra fencing material, a few hours of time or a vehicle and willingness to transport materials. Or maybe you have enough space to temporarily store materials so that they can be easily distributed. Whatever it might be, please get in touch.

As this is a pilot program and we have limited time and means, we can’t promise immediate solutions. But if you have any challenges with keeping your dog(s) safely and comfortably contained and would like some help figuring it out, please get in touch.

We will do our best, and hope you will too. They deserve nothing less.