Rescue & Sanctuary

A sanctuary space is anywhere an animal is cared for and looked after. At a minimum, it’s a place where they are kept safe, provided adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care. Optimally, though, it’s also a place where they have family, whatever form that might take, and rich and healthy social and emotional lives. We value all animals as individuals and treat them as such, doing our best to meet their individual needs. They deserve nothing less.

A sanctuary space can be of any size. It can be as simple as a home for one or two cats or a few dogs. Some are much larger and are homes to multiple species, including domestic animals, companion animals, farm animals, etc. The size and focus of each is dictated by the available space, infrastructure, and caretakers. But the purpose of each is the same; to care for animals who are in need, have nowhere else to go, would otherwise be euthanized, spend their lives in shelters, or in a state of neglect.

How To Donate